Getting started

Welcome to Dispense's API Docs! Here you can find information about how to use our API.

To get started with Dispense's APIs you will need a developer account.

Contact [email protected] to setup an account.

Once an account has been setup you will receive your api-key.

All data sent to and returned by the api is in JSON format.

Base URL

The base url for Dispense's partner API is


All requests will require that you send an api-key header with your api key.


Rate Limiting

All requests are rate limited to ensure server stability. By default each partner is limited to 500 requests every 5 minutes.

Every response from the Dispense api will return the following headers:

X-RateLimit-Limit - Tells you the total requests you're allowed within 5 minutes, set to 500

X-RateLimit-Remaining - Tells you how many request you have remaining within your 5 minute window

HTTP Statuses

2xx - Success

4xx - Client error

5xx - Server error

Data Types